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Micro USA - for the Old and New

Micro USA is a woman-owned small business that has been providing engineering services since 1995. Specializing in analysis, design, manufacturing and support of both legacy and new electronic systems, Micro USA employs staff with a broad range of engineering skill sets including chemistry, optics and electro-optics, RF, image and signal processing, analog design, computer science, and value engineering.
Legacy Systems Repair and Replacement

Micro USA has a singular grasp of the legacy parts and service requirements of our customers. Through numerous projects, Micro USA has demonstrated its capability to reverse engineer obsolete equipment and design modern replacements for part or all of this equipment.        More


Digital Imaging

Micro USA designs and manufactures digital cameras for scientific applications such as low contrast target detection, port/harbor security, search & rescue and many more. Micro USA also provides high performance CMOS sensors for building single or multiple chip digital cameras.       More


Contract Development

Micro USA undertakes contract development of assemblies, equipment and systems employing any or all of its fields of technical expertise. Past programs have involved technologies like video motion detection, microwave reception, color analysis and user interfaces.


Micro USA holds a Prime Partner contract with the US Navy to provide services in Zone 2 (Washington, D.C. Area), Zone 3 (Middle East Coast States) and Zone 6 (Southwestern States).
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