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New ways to make image sensors

Since 2002, Lumiense Photonics, Inc., in conjunction with HanVision Co., Ltd., and a group of highly skilled technical partners, has been developing a group of new technologies for the manufacture of image sensors that promises to advance performance on many fronts while maintaining or improving the cost of sensors and implementation.  Herein, the first results.

SiLM technology - for UV, visible and NIR imagers

Backside imaging (BSI) is a big thing these days because more photons can be collected when the detection mechanism is separated from the signal processing circuitry. 


Unfortunately, even with microlenses, CMOS BSI devices still fail to collect much if not most of the arriving light.  CCD BSI devices collect more but suffer from resolution loss due to charge diffusion. 


The Lumiense SiLM (Silicon Film) technology avoids these problems by completely separating the fabrication of the photodiode detection array from the control and readout circuitry. 

Read more about the SiLM technology here.
Silm Wafer

ACT technology - for uncooled long-wave infrared imagers

Microbolometer technology has ushered in a new era of thermal imaging and pyrometry by providing high-quality image data from sensors that do not require cooling.


Lumiense has improved on this idea by designing microbolometer elements that remove important limitations on performance:

  • Lumiense ACT sensor elements do not require conductive absorbers

  • Lumiense ACT sensor elements can be reset to the substrate temperature in 5 microseconds

  • Lumiense ACT sensors do not require vacuum packages

  • Lumiense ACT sensors can be readily scaled to full wafers

  • Lumiense ACT sensors can have pixel sizes down to 10 microns

ACT Technology

For a full description of the ACT technology, please download the pdf presentation here.

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