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For unique and obscure optics

Avicon is Alternative Visionís own collection of unique and hard-to-find optics assembled from around the world.  Some of these items are widespread but nearly impossible to buy in small quantities or special configurations.  Others are designed specifically to complement other products sold by AVC.  Some we just find interesting


Since we have a large network of suppliers around the world who can fabricate pretty much anything you can imaging, please ask us if you have trouble finding exactly the optical part you need.


X-cube prisms

X-cube prisms are found in almost every LCD and DLP video projector but are almost impossible to buy as parts for other applications. Avicon can supply these in quantities from 1 to 10,000 or more.

  • SPS or SSS polarization

  • Standard RGB or custom

  • Sizes from 15 mm to over 100 mm

Coming Soon

  • Germanium lenses with DLC coatings

  • Image sensor visible pass filters



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